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Planting Data & Maps GPS & GIS Information


The FOFW maintain a database of the locations of tree and shrub species that are of interest to the group.  These sites include both

  • planted seed orchards – including Seed Production Areas.
  • natural stands of remnant trees and shrub species that are of interest to the group – whether surviving, recently extinct or only known from historic sources.
  • in most cases, the species being recorded will be: Acacia species, Allocasuarina species, Banksia marginata, Bursaria spinosa, Melicytus dentatus, Melaleuca species. A wide range of other species may be recorded on occasions.

Map of planted sites

The map below shows FoFW recorded plant sites as at the date shown on the map. Not all planted sites have yet been mapped. Approximately 100 sites have been planted since 2014.
FOFW Overview Map_Nov22 - Data Year Planted with Mt Leura labelled_reduced

Mapping Data Collected and Use of the Data 

NB:  For reasons of privacy recorded data, for private landholders and other selected sites, is available ONLY to FoFW committee who is responsible for determining who receives copies of this data.

FoFW Mapping Data Collected & Use of Data

Case Study: – the Seed Orchard at Mt Leura, Camperdown

The seed orchard on the Mt Leura Reserve is planted on a public reserve. The planting of this seed orchard commenced in 2014 and contains 102 banksia marginata from approximately 10 different provenances.

Interactive Map: –

Zoom in on the map and click or tap on a blue dot to see the specific information for each individual Banksia.


Example – Planting Site Data Recorded for selected Banksia plantings at Mt Leura Seed Orchard

LEGEND Description (Using Mt Leura planting sites 5971 and 5972 as the samples – shown in red on interactive map).

Site Code – MTLE = Mt Leura


  • ID 5971 – Repl 1 = First time original has been replaced at this site (second and third replacements have also been undertaken at some sites)
  • ID 5972 – Orig = Still the Original planting at this site

Prov Current = Provenance Code for current planting – 5971 – BLY = Blythvale and for 5972 – CRS = Caramut Road Reserve

NB – Provenance code for replacement planting may be different from Original provenance planted if it is not available or for other reasons.

NB – Replacement species may also need to change for some unexpected reason.

Orig_Yr_Pl = Original year this site was planted – Sites 5971 and 5972 were both originally planted in 2014. Not all Banksias in the Mt Leura seed orchard were planted in 2014.

Repl_1_Yr = Year replacement was planted – 5971 was replaced in 2016 having been originally planted in 2014.

Repl_1_Prov = Provenance used as replacement – 5971 was replaced with BLY (Blythvale) having been originally planted in 2014 with CRS (Caramut Road Reserve).


As the Mt Leura case study shows, when you consider this is replicated across so many of FoFW planting sites the amount of data that has been collected, entered and processed across all planted sites so far is quite amazing! It is a tribute to the tireless efforts of Bill Weatherly in particular and Chris Wilson with his GIS wizardry.