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Membership Form $10

You can also download the PDF form, print and post your membership, by clicking here.


This group is for anyone who especially loves Silver Banksia, Drooping Sheoak and Sweet Bursaria – or any other woodland species and focuses restoring  genetically diverse populations and seed orchards of key species that are quickly disappearing from the Victorian Volcanic Plains.

The following are some of the great reasons to join Friends of the Forgotten Woodland. You will:

  • financially support the group in continuing their great work
  • receive emails with news about FotFW achievements and activities
  • know where and when you can join the group to help with on-ground activities and other events
  • help bring back the VVP silver banksia, drooping sheoak and bursaria from their current precarious positions
  • help restore the current and future ecosystem of the VVP
  • be eligible to join the FotFW Committee
  • be covered by FotFW insurance at events
  • help a great project